On-Site Covid-19 Vaccinations

All MTM Pharmacy locations are offering the Covid-19 Vaccine. For any questions, please get in contact with our office.

Available Now: COVID-19 Vaccine ( Moderna or Janssen )

  • COVID-19, also called SARS-CoV-2, is a virus that can spread through contact with an infected person within a distance of 6 feet. It is a predominantly respiratory illness that can affect other organs.
  • The Moderna vaccine uses mRNA to teach our cells how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response that may prevent COVID-19 infection and is recommended to those 18 years or older. The vaccine is administered in a series of two doses (0.5mL) one month apart.
  • The Janssen vaccine uses a viral vector, which is a virus that has been altered to help the immune system build up specific defenses. The vaccine is administered as a single dose (0.5mL).
  • Side effects may include: swelling or redness at site of injection, chills, tiredness, and/or headache.
  • To find out more information, please refer to Moderna Information and Janssen Information.

On-Site Covid-19 Testing Available

All MTM Pharmacy locations are offering Covid-19 testing. For any questions, please get in contact with our office.

MTM Pharmacy Currently Offers 3 Types of Covid Testings:

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