Covid-19 Testing Kits & Covid-19 vaccines

All MTM Pharmacy locations are offering Covid-19 testing kit. For any questions, please get in contact with our office.

Available Now: Covid-19 Vaccine

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MTM Pharmacy is offering a Free Box of Surgical Masks (50 pieces) with a new prescription!



I bought these masks for the pharmacy where I work. We used masks on a daily basis and it is definitely keeping us and our patients safe from the spread of contagious diseases and especially Covid-19. The masks filter up to 95% of bacterial, which is great because it’s easy to spread the virus when people talk or sneeze or cough. I feel safer going to work with having these masks on

David T.


I got the Regular Use Masks for my work at the Hair Salon. It has 4 layers and really helps blocking odors from the daily solutions and bacteria. I feel comfortable wearing these masks all day to protect myself and my clients. I highly recommend it. Customers service was good. I had questions and the rep was able to answer me in a timely manner

Nancy N.